Wednesday, 10 August 2016

August Update

Yup, once a month didn't work out.

For the last couple of months I've been working with a previs company called 'Nvizage' ( I was lucky enough to work on 2 projects with them learning more and more about setting up CG environments and cameras.

Previs is an interesting department to work in and different to how I thought it would be when I first joined. I assumed, before I worked at Proof Inc (, that it was essentially the same as working in a Layout department. There are definitely similarities but - depending on the project - working in previs has allowed me more control from the start of shot creation.
2 out of 4 projects have had storyboards that I can work from but am usually allowed to adjust camera angles and timings to how I see fit. The other 2 projects had me making shots directly from the script - as long as I stick to the action described I am free to create shots how I think would work best!
It has forced me to learn quickly about different camera lenses, how to compose a shot to give a clear direction for the audience to follow and minimise distractions from characters/environments that don't need to be on screen at certain points in the movie.

It's also allowed me to meet some incredible people! Freelancers in this field work in short time-frames and so when I first joined I was surrounded by people who had contributed to many films that I'd grown up watching! I hope I didn't annoy too many of them with my questions.....although it was worth it to hear about their time working on projects and sets such as the Harry Potter movies and James Bond.

I hope to include some sketches in the next post, a goal for the end of this year is to become more comfortable drawing basic faces on people - right now my sketchbook is filled with a ton of figures with featureless's a little disturbing to be honest.....


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

May Update

I think I might've actually jinxed myself when I said this should be a monthly thing in the last post!

A lot has happened in the meantime though - I had a great time working for Proof Inc doing my first job as a previs animator. Both teams I was part of were friendly and extremely helpful with answering the new guy's questions (and there were a ton of those....!).

Previs is a great area of the industry to be working in as there's a lot more room to experiment than I'm used to. As long as I follow the actions depicted in storyboards and the parts of the script I can access, I'm fairly free when it comes to how the cameras are set up as well as the animation for characters within a shot. Work reviews are just as intimidating but it's been fun to learn from feedback about cameras and the way things are being shot rather than just critiquing the character movements.

Friday, 4 March 2016

March Update

Maybe a monthly update is a more realistic goal for this thing.....

At the end of December I finished my contract as layout/character animator at Jellyfish Pictures and for the next few weeks felt quite lost! Learning and working in a fun, professional environment was better than I had initially imagined it. I am very proud of the work I managed to do there and even more proud to be able to say I was part of that team - even if it was only for a short period of time.

A few weeks after Jellyfish I was lucky enough to start a new job as pre-vis animator at Proof Inc based in Shepperton Studios!
It has been a great experience working with such a diverse team of animators and generalists. Unfortunately I'm not clear how much I can say about the project so for now I will keep quiet about it until I get confirmation on how much I can say!
It is an exciting project for sure and I'm learning a lot more about adjusting and animating with cameras at different angles in a scene.

In the meantime I have continued studying with Animation Mentor and also made a good start on building a new showreel - deadline for completion is the end of this month!
The hope is that I will be able to put a link to the new showreel in the next blog post along with other work such as sketching that I'm slowly but surely picking up again.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December Update

I swear, one day I'm gonna get the hang of remembering to update this blog regularly.

In the last post I was just about to start a new position as a trainee layout/character animator at Jellyfish Pictures. Three months later and I am still really enjoying it! The studio has given me a great insight in applying my skills in animation to a real professional environment.
All of the animators here work to a very fast pace and at a very high level of quality - definitely forced me to step up my game!

The show itself looks great and is due to be broadcast in the United States and Canada next year. Please take a look at the Floogals trailer here:

Unfortunately, my contract at Jellyfish comes to an end on the last day of this month. I hope I get the chance to come back here in the future and work with these guys again!

Applications are out again and the next post will be in 2016 - see you then :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

September Update


Since my last post in June a few things have happened but I'll keep it to the main points.

First thing to say is that on Monday I will be starting a new job as a trainee layout/character animator at Jellyfish Studios in Brixton!!! Very excited about this opportunity and really looking forward to the new schedule - it's been a while since I've had a chance to animate all through a working day!

On top of this, I will also be starting my course at Animation Mentor in a couple of weeks. Working at the studio during the day, then coming home and working on assignments in the evening .... right now I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing! 
Hopefully the variety of the projects both at work and for AM will be different enough that I can stay enthusiastic about it even after the long days.....I think they will ;)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

June Sketchbook Catchup

I finally managed to finish my sketchbook!

I've been working with this particular book from January 2014 (approximately) and it's only been in the last month or so I felt driven to finish it off properly with regular life drawing sessions.
Hopefully I'll be able to hit the ground running a bit more and the next book will be done at a pace from which I can go back to regular uploads.

Feel free to have a look at them:

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June Update

So May 2015 turned out to be a very busy month! It has been a great time for creating new animations though - I have made a few short (5/10 seconds) clips of body mechanic animation using the Stewart rig which is still a dream to use. Over time it is rewarding to see the quality of my work slowly starting to improve again as I move through different personal projects.

My main goal for June is to step up my game with my drawings again. It's been a busy time recently but I have taken to carrying my little sketchbook around with me again and am back to filling it up with rough sketches while out and about.
This goal doubles as a personal challenge from Tara Mardell ( whose sketch and drawing work is so far above my current skill level but it has given me a clear marker to work towards. Check out her work too it's awesome!

Finally, I was lucky enough to go back to the University of South Wales at the end of May to see the 'Animotion' show (previously known as the 'Glammies'). The quality of work shown on that screen was incredible. Covering CG, 2D and Stop Motion animation, it was a great example of how much effort goes into making an animated piece of work and how far people can push themselves when they are passionate about what they do. It was a fantastic show that was also an inspiration to those of us not currently in the industry who returned to watch it.